Iron & Steel

AVIC-MR mainly manages iron &steel and its related products, and succeeds in steel sale amounted to 1.05 million tons.   The major steel products the company offers are billet, rebar, wire, plate, section steel, cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel, premium steel, electric steel and deep-plating products.   AVIC-MR mainly acts as an agent and has set up stable cooperative relationship with a large number of steel mills. On the basis of traditional business sections, the company deepens cooperation with steel mills by enhancing upstream and down stream services of the industrial chain. For the downstream clients, the company ensures that clients’ needs will go met by constantly enhancing the quality and ability of providing services with an endeavor in cultivating integrated service capability.     In terms of steel export trade, the company makes an effective integration of domestic resources to meet the specific requirements of foreign clients. The key overseas markets include Southeast Asia, Middle East Africa, South America and Africa and so on.

Steel Raw Material

AVIC-MR actively expands oversea resources and the broad steel mills clients would advantage the company to do steel raw material business, such as iron ore, nickel ore and chrome ore. As a newly-established company, AVIC-MR makes big stride in iron ore business with sale amounted to 890,000 tons in 2012. The domestic sale areas have covered Hebei, Shandong and Northeast of China up to now. Taking the material raw supply as the entry point, AVIC-MR focuses on the needs of steel mills and provides them with all-round trade services.

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