Street Cat Alumni Rescue started in June 2017 when I found a cat named Benny who went on to become an Instagram celebrity.  I found him in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY while on a cat sit visit.  He was almost dead with severe infections in both ears (what was left of them), a mouth full of abscessed and rotten teeth, and FIV positive.  But with love, faith, and our wonderful Instagram following that keeps growing every day, we were able to raise enough money to get him the help he needed and he has made a full recovery.  Now we raise money to help other cats in need.  To support our cause, no donation is too small!  Please make donations to



I met Sylvie in May 2017, but something told me not to grab her.  I tried anyway to no avail.  I told her when the time was right, she knew where to find me.  After that day, she disappeared and I didn't see her again for quite a while.  I had contacted some neighbors and asked them to alert me if they saw her.  One neighbor, Sprintza, kept in touch regularly saying she would see her here and there.  Meanwhile, I found Benny and knew that if I did find Sylvie, it would have to wait.  Just a few days after Benny was healed and out of the foster room (my bathroom), a little black kitten was crying outside my window.  I went downstairs and followed him and he lead me straight to Sylvie and his siblings.  The kittens, now about 10 weeks old made me realize it was a good thing I didn't take her that day...they were so young they would have died without her.  I immediately started my rescue mission, gathering funds and resources.  They were all very scared so getting them meant trapping them, and before that, getting them on a feeding schedule and acquiring trust.  Unfortunately, 2 of the 4 kittens died, but after many long nights, bruises, bug bites, and tears, I finally got Mama and Onyx, and eventually Lil Grey.  All three have been adopted and are happy in loving forever homes!   



Roxy was taken in by my neighbor who helped me stay on top of Sylvie's whereabouts, Sprintza.  Kids were going from door to door trying to give her away.  Concerned, Sprintza took her in with every intention of keeping her...until her vet test results indicated she was FELV+.  This is a really bust deal for a kitten.  FELV is highly contagions, so they can't live with other cats who aren't infected.  Furthermore, they live on average 2.5 years, so finding them a home is very difficult.  But to euthanize a spirited, playful kitten because they will die in a few years now seems so unfair.  But there was another option, Aslan's Cat Sanctuary in Catskill, NY.  In one day we raised the $1500 admission fee and now Roxy lives in a huge house made for cats!  Complete with catios in the windows and a huge backyard where they can chase dragonflies and sunbathe in the fresh mountain air.  Roxy may have a short life, but it will be an amazing one.  For more information about Aslan's Cat Sanctuary, including how you can help, please visit   


Mila was found on a Brooklyn farm unable to walk, stand, eat, or drink.  She was struggling to survive.  But thanks to a wonderful woman who stepped up, Madeline, Mila was able to get to the vet and be tended to, and The Street Cat Alumni Fund was able to cover some of the costs.  After recovering in Madeline's care, she was adopted and is now happy in her forever home!  


I found Frito while on my way home on a very cold night.  He immediately ran up to me and started to make biscuits and suckle on my hat- he was dying to be rescued!  The next night I was able to swoop him up and place him in a carrier- easiest rescue ever!  He spent about a month in foster before being adopted.  He is now happy in his forever home! 


Winter was found on one of the coldest days of the year by a client of mine named Sherry.  He must have been hit by a car and dragged because his entire torso was ripped off.  It was truly the most gruesome wound I have ever seen.  With the help of another client, Becky, we were able to get him admitted to City Vet and have raised a good amount of money to cover his bills.  We weren't sure he was going to make it.  But after over a month in the hospital receiving bandage changes multiple times a day, being cared for by the experts at City Vet in Manhattan, he has made a FULL RECOVERY!  He has a limp leg but that doesn't stop this little fighter from getting around!  Winter has been adopted and is living it up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn with his big sister, Mei Mei, and little blind sister, Lizzy.  


I saw poor Cheetove on my way to the train one day.  He was definitely on the feral side but starving so much that he was scavenging for food in trash bags lining the streets on the way to the subway.  He would dodge walkers, terrified and frantic.  I would always have a can of food on me to feed him when I saw him, but I wouldn't see him regularly so it made rescuing him more challenging.  I was also concerned with him being feral he wouldn't happy in a home, but how could I TNR him and return him to an unsafe place where he has no one?!  Most feral cats belong to a colony and thrive outside together, but Cheetove was a loner and was struggling to survive on his own.  It took about 3 months but I finally got him.  Come to find out he had been roaming the streets alone for 3 years!  I trapped Cheetove and relocated him to Long Island where he will have wide open spaces to frolic, a caretaker to feed him and provide shelter, and finally territory he can claim a little bit of.  Relocating ferals is generally a last resort, so please do research if you are considering the same for a feral you care for, but when done properly it can work out wonderfully!  Cheetove will be released to his new environment soon and will be free to roam free, but have access to all he needs, including someone watching out for him.  It doesn't get much better than that for a feral cat!  



The night I was coming home from Winter's home check, I saw Parker in the same exact spot I found Sylvie and her kittens.  He was no older than about 8 weeks old with no mom or siblings in sight.  This poor little guy was all alone out there on the mean streets of Brooklyn.  He was chasing a rat who lead him right to me- ran right over my foot!  I could see that he was a little feral and wouldn't come near me, so I immediately ran home to get my trap.  He went right inside! When I got him back to my place and set him up in my bathroom, AKA The Street Cat Alumni Intake Center, I started the socialization process.  Within just a few weeks he has warmed up to be a very sweet, funny, and playful boy!  He has been adopted and is living it up in Chelsea with his big sister, Coral.  



Sweetie was found roaming the streets of The Bronx looking for someone to rescue her.  She found the right person when one of The Cat Woman Collective's very own, Diana, came across her.  She immediately swooped her up and placed her in foster care.  In just a short week, this sweet girl was adopted by a long time Cat Woman Collective client and is now happy in her SoHo home with her two loving humans.