"I live in a slightly dodgy neighborhood in a profoundly dodgy building (tricky doors) with one often dodgy cat (two cats, but one has "issues")! The first time Misty came to visit, I thought she had one of the most amazing personalities of anyone I'd ever met, but I wasn't convinced she'd make friends with my scaredy cat (the other cat is super affectionate). However, as soon as I was out of the apartment, not only did she wiggle the keys just right to get in, but Misty found dodgy cat and sent me photos as proof! Both my fur babies love her and I only wish I had the money to go away more often (although Misty's rates are so reasonable, I could pay her even when I'm home!). Misty is a great photographer, too. I never received anything but a print-worthy shot of my kitties while I was away. She's a super human and a super cat lady! I would recommend her without reservation to anyone looking for someone to look after the kitties while away."

- A. Cook, Bushwick