"I live in a slightly dodgy neighborhood in a profoundly dodgy building (tricky doors) with one often dodgy cat (two cats, but one has "issues")! The first time Misty came to visit, I thought she had one of the most amazing personalities of anyone I'd ever met, but I wasn't convinced she'd make friends with my scaredy cat (the other cat is super affectionate). However, as soon as I was out of the apartment, not only did she wiggle the keys just right to get in, but Misty found dodgy cat and sent me photos as proof! Both my fur babies love her and I only wish I had the money to go away more often (although Misty's rates are so reasonable, I could pay her even when I'm home!). Misty is a great photographer, too. I never received anything but a print-worthy shot of my kitties while I was away. She's a super human and a super cat lady! I would recommend her without reservation to anyone looking for someone to look after the kitties while away."

- A. Cook, Bushwick


We don’t trust anyone but Misty and the gang to watch the kitties. One of my cats has diabetes and I feel fully confident that she is in the best of care. I always receive great photos while I’m gone! The cats love her!

-Rebecca Balfe, Upper West Side


Misty has been hanging out with our cats, Nate and Bebe, for going on five years. We've changed apartments but we've never changed our cat-sitting service. I can't imagine trusting anyone else with our guys. Misty has given us advise on everything from cat trees to cat food to cat socialization. Knowing that Misty is here to keep our cats happy and well-cared for makes going away so much easier...the proof is in the daily pictures and updates that we receive when we're gone! In fact, she takes such amazing care of our cats that I'm fairly sure they look forward to us going away just so they can play with Misty. 

-Irina Clark, Park Slope


Junebug is a special cat.  

And Misty Geonetta is an extraordinarily special human.  

Junebug – well – Junebug has some personality “quirks;" namely, not tolerating anyone in her apartment except yours truly.  But it is not that she will simply protest guests with an insouciant retreat under the bed.  Oh no!  She will vocally proclaim her discontent, threatening the innocent invader with growls and hisses.  She's been known to pursue an interloper with sneak attacks that shock and awe.  Claws have been lost.  Blood has been drawn.  We’ve tried co-workers, neighbors, friends.  My 11 pound, pink-nosed, green-eyed, guard cat has frightened away each and every one of them.

But not Misty.  

Misty would not be defeated.  Somehow this sorceress has managed to wheedle her way into Junebug’s stone-cold heart and around her food bowl.  And while my wildebeest still voices her discontent for my travel at times, I can now go out-of-town and know that June has a loving, watchful eye looking out for her.  Every text and photo from Misty is received with the greatest of appreciation.  

Misty of the House Feline, Mother of Mousers, First of Her Name: you have tamed my dragon and for that I am forever in your debt.  

-Christina Matteucci, Chelsea


Misty has been regularly caring for my two cats, Nancy and Jacques, for the last 3 years.  Nancy, the more social cat, adores Misty and may in fact prefer her over me!  Jacques is afraid of all strangers, and hides under the bed, but Misty has made it her mission to lure Jacques out and make him feel comfortable.  It says a lot about Misty that, the last time I booked her for cat sitting, she responded "I just got some of the treats Jacques likes!  I'll make sure to save some for my visits."

Beyond her obvious love for and enthusiasm about cats, the best thing about Misty is her reliability.  She contacts me months ahead of busy times to make sure I'm booked; checks in with me before I go; and ALWAYS checks to make sure I got back so the cats aren't left alone.  I couldn't ask for a better person to take care of my furry babies.  

-Mari Bonthuis, Park Slope